Please be advised that our West Louisville Driver’s License Branch, 2900 West Broadway (Nia Center), is closed at this time due to equipment issues. Although we anticipate that it will reopen on Friday, December 14, for its regular business hours, we suggest that you please check this site or call before visiting it. In addition, you may prefer to visit any of our five other branches during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Locations & Hours

Please be advised that the

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

has announced a new initiative called

Confident Kentucky

regarding significant changes

to all Kentucky driver’s licenses and ID cards in 2019.

For more information, visit drive.ky.gov/confidentky

or click here.

Please be advised that our

Middletown Driver’s License Branch

has moved to 11700 Main Street, Middletown, KY 40243

Click HERE for Locations.

Welcome to DriveJefferson.com — your one-stop source for information about obtaining a Kentucky driver’s license or state identification card in Jefferson County, Ky.

Kentucky driver’s licenses and IDs are issued by the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk under guidelines established by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and in partnership with the Kentucky State Police, which handles driver’s written and road testing.


There are six convenient driver’s license branches in Jefferson County:

  • Downtown
  • West Louisville
  • Southwest
  • Outer Loop-Highview
  • Middletown
  • Bowman Field

For Locations & Hours, CLICK HERE

Payment information for all six driver’s license branches:

  • Cash
  • Check (Cashier’s checks and money orders are accepted. Personal checks are not accepted.)
  • Credit cards (There is a $2 convenience fee for using a credit card.)
  • Debit cards (There is a $2 convenience fee for using a debit card.)
  • There is an ATM at all locations, excluding the Middletown branch. (There is a $3.50 bank service charge.)

What you can do at all six driver’s license branches:

  • Renew an operator’s/driver’s license ($20)
  • Renew an operator’s/motorcycle license ($30)
  • Renew a driver’s permit ($12)
  • Renew a commercial driver’s license (Fee varies.)
  • Get an ID card (Adult: $12, Child ages 2-14: $4)
  • Get a duplicate driver’s or commercial driver’s license ($12) (Commercial license price varies.)
  • Transfer a license to Kentucky if you’re moving from another state and your license is still valid ($20 — operator only) Learn more here
  • Pay a traffic citation. (There is a $6 convenience fee for using a credit card. It must be processed 3 business days before the scheduled court date. The Downtown Branch does not process traffic citations.)