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Name and/or Address Change

Anytime you change a name or address, you are required by law to get a duplicate license within 10 days.

The cost of a duplicate is $12.

Proof of Kentucky residency is required. Proof of the person’s Kentucky residency includes, but is not limited to, a deed or property tax bill, utility agreement or utility bill, or rental housing agreement. (Junk mail will not be accepted.)

You must provide the physical address; a P.O. Box is not accepted.

Proof of a name change is required. Acceptable documents are marriage license, name change court order, divorce decree, birth certificate or other legal document. All names on the documentation must match. Documentation must be original; photocopies are not accepted.

A Social Security card is not acceptable as proof of a name or address change. However, you must provide a new Social Security card with your new name to prove you have updated your name with the Social Security Administration. You must register your new name at the Social Security office at least 24 hours before being issued a new license.